Alex Eligh Community  Center

In 1941 a group of people organized and formed a corporation that was named the Newark Community Center. Their efforts created a non-profit agency that promoted recreation activities for the Village of Newark and surrounding area. The Newark Village government leased the newly formed corporation the former Newark High School gymnasium and shop building. The corporate name was changed in 1984 to the Alex Eligh Community Center in honor of long time Executive Director Alexander “Alex” Eligh. The agency is still located on the original site. A renovation project updated the building in 1996.

Annual funding of activities is solicited from the Vii/age of Newark, Town of Arcadia, the United Way of Wayne County, the Office of Child and Family Services, private donations and fund raising., A fifteen member Board of Directors oversees the corporation.  An Executive Director provides the daily administration of the agency.

The Alex Eligh Community Center coordinates activities for people of all age groups. The youth activities are geared toward the different seasons. Most youth sports are offered either by the Alex Eligh Community Center or other community youth sports groups. The Village of Newark has provided areas for its youth to play basketball,
football, soccer, baseball, and softball. Seasonally there is ice skating and skate boarding areas that are available to the community.

The main building is open year around for public use. A community room is available for groups to schedule meetings. Youth have daily access to a game room, snack bar, and gymnasium. It is a safe environment under the supervision of the Alex Eligh Community Center’s senior recreation staff. Senior citizens are frequent visitors.
There are opportunities to join sewing, quilting or card groups. Any senior citizen can enjoy a hot noon day meal at the Nutrition site.

The Board of Directors and staff strive to ensure that the Alex Eligh Community Center remains an integral part of the community. We want to provide activities that promote a healthy community and life style.

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